Show Galleries To Re-Open On 19 June


Showflat Set to reopen on Phase 2

Absolutely, strict safety measures are the highest priority to lower the risk for Covid-19 contamination and transmission.

The long wait is over, developers can now expect for the re-opening of property market show galleries plus the going back to the new normal business opportunities, starting June 19th as Singapore gears to the second phase of reopening.

But safest management protocols must highly be observed at all times to lower the danger of contamination to Covid-19, per memorandum circular of  Urban Redevelopment Authority(URA).

Limited capacity around the gallery and show areas, for example, 1 person is allocated to 10 sq m only. The viewing of the housing gallery is done via appointment only, with a maximum of five persons for each group that includes already the sales agent.

Developers are urged to utilize the SafetyEntry System so guest and visitors that wears mask will be checked and recorded.  The social distancing of at least 1 meter must be assured for every group, the inter-mingling between groups are strictly prohibited and discouraged.

High-touch corners or areas must be disinfected, proper measures are practice to minimize touching surfaces.

In-Line with the Covid-19 protocols, the URA explained under its FAQ, the said developers can get in the show area so they can do all the needed preparation for the reopening, ” limited to a maximum of three persons for three hours per week.” Social distancing, wearing of the mask must always be observed.

URA’s  Controller of Housing said, ” While the Covid -19 still infects the community, please continue to honor and follow the Multi-Ministry Task Force new guidelines. We need each and everyone’s understanding and cooperation thus reducing the risk of further contamination and transmission of  the dreaded Covid -19.”